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The ZEPHYR MK2 GTX LO represents the next stage in the evolution of this legendary mission shoe. Its combination of agility, lightness and stability makes it ideal for use in military or police special units or by regular personnel. The LO-CUT upper’s strengths in terms of weight and agility are partic­ularly evident during close combat. The upper is made from a combination of water-repellent, tear-resistant suede and abrasion-resistant, breathable CORDURA® material. The waterproof, highly breathable GORE-TEX Extended Comfort footwear laminate is ideal for use in moderate or relatively wet envir­onments. The dual-layer PU midsole with a MONOWRAP® frame surrounds and supports the foot like an exoskeleton.

The ZEPHYR MK2 GTX LO is certified as occu­pa­tional footwear in accordance with EN ISO 20347:2012. It is anti-static and has a cold and heat-insu­lating sole complex. The outsole is not only anti-slip – it is also resistant to oil, petrol and contact heat.

Certified working boot according to DIN EN ISO 20347:2012

Weight: 1010 g/Pair (UK 8)
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Use your ZEPHYR MK2 GTX LO for

  • Image photo with the ZEPHYR GTX MID TF, LOWA USA Military Police Shooting

    Your ideal partner.

    Special missions are law enforcement oper­ations conducted by tactical units on variable terrain for the purpose of fighting terrorism, rescuing hostages and enforcing arrest warrants. Footwear worn during special missions has particular features that enable it to meet the variable requirements of such oper­ations in the best-possible way. These critical features include high agility created by moderate upper and sole rigidity, multi­direc­tional soles for fast changes of direction and low weight for fast-paced missions.

    • High agility
      The boot’s upper and sole stiffness do not limit the user and have been optimised for fast movements.

    • Multi­direc­tional sole
      The multi­direc­tional sole provides the foot with the support it needs during fast movements without limiting manoeuv­rability.

    • Light­weight
      The light­weight design signi­ficantly increases the foot­wear’s dynamics.



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Corporate respons­ibility (CR) stands for far-sighted management in a company’s core business and has a high priority in the busi­ness’s overall strategy. CR is a key aspect of sustainable growth in the following areas of business activity: the market, jobs, the common good, the envir­onment and supply chains. Social, envir­on­mental and commercial issues are given equal weight, and stake­holders are integrated into the strategic focus of the company’s CR activities.

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STABILITY FRAME Comfortably framed

With the LOWA-MONOWRAP® frame, the midsole of the ZEPHYR MK2 GTX LO provides the very best comfort. This three-dimen­sional midsole design was developed by LOWA in 1995. The frame comfortably cradles the foot and support it when the shoe wearer ventures across uneven surfaces. The sole design is slightly raised for shoes with a STABILITY FRAME.

  • Good guidance for the foot
    The foot is optimally nestled into the shoe thanks to the frame’s three-dimen­sional design.

  • Increased comfort
    The special midsole design ensures snug footing in the shoe. The foot is pleasantly cradled by the three-dimen­sional frame.

  • Light­weight
    The LOWA-MONOWRAP® is made of a plastic called poly­urethane. It is a very light­weight material.

Image photo with the ZEPHYR GTX MID TF,

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Article number

310890 D64 0410




Poly­urethane (PU)

Poly­urethane (PU) is a soft plastic that has very good cush­ioning prop­erties and is usually used in the midsole as a result. Through the use of PU, the soles become light­weight and func­tionally flexible.


Approx. 9%

Poly­amides are plastics that are synthesised and can be used to produce man-made fibres as a result. In addition to their toughness, poly­amides are known for their form stability, tear and abrasion resistance and waterproof qualities. Poly­amides are also elastic, very stretchy and high gloss.

Approx. 90%
Poly­urethane (PU)

Poly­urethane (PU) is a soft plastic that has very good cush­ioning prop­erties and is usually used in the midsole as a result. Through the use of PU, the soles become light­weight and func­tionally flexible.

Upper material

Approx. 90%
Suede leather

Suede leather comes from the flesh side of the hide. It has a looser fibre structure, a quality that creates a velvety surface and a light pile. Suede leather is partic­ularly durable and open-pored. Depending on the desired look, suede leather can remain untreated or be oiled or waxed.

Approx. 10%

Our natural and synthetic fabrics facilitate optimal warming and moisture management with the help of their usage-specific char­ac­ter­istics. Thanks to their structural design, they are smooth and make our products extremely comfortable.

Lining material

GORE-TEX Extended Comfort Footwear

Shoes equipped with a GORE-TEX extended comfort footwear membrane are permanently waterproof and are partic­ularly suited for warm weather. More …


A special frame design known as LOWA MONOWRAP® provides an extra degree of stability. More …

Upper height

Upper height meas­urement according to DIN EN ISO 20347:2012: 85 mm
Upper height outside: 0 mm
Upper height inside: 0 mm


1010 g/Pair (UK 8)

PPE Regu­lation

Please note that if it is intended to use the purchased products as personal protective equipment in accordance with Art. 3 No. 1 of Regu­lation (EU) 2016/425 (PPE Regu­lation), the user is responsible for checking the products for the presence of a corres­ponding certi­fication (see technical data of the product). If the product lacks a certi­fication required for use as personal protective equipment as defined by the PPE Regu­lation, the product may not be used as personal protective equipment or only for non-profes­sional purposes.