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The people behind the brand

Without the commitment of our more than 2,000 employees, the 100-year success story of our company would simply not be possible. These employees are, after all, the people who manu­facture our products and look after our customers. They are our greatest asset.

We embrace diversity, pay fair wages, offer social benefits and support our employees indi­vidually in their devel­opment. Everyone pitches in together, and our employees truly believe in the products they are helping to create and sell.

The company has had its headquarters in Jetzendorf in Upper Bavaria for 100 years, and some members of staff are following in the footsteps of their parents and grand­parents by working at LOWA. The number of pairs of shoes produced annually has increased from 350,000 in 1993 to over 3 million today. And this success is primarily down to the LOWA staff – around 285 of whom work at our headquarters.

LOWA offers a very pleasant working envir­onment with flat hier­archies. The staff are on first name terms, and the door to the managing director’s office is always open.

2,132 employees worldwide

(as of December, 2022)

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LOWA and Jetzendorf

Around 285 people work at the Jetzendorf site, which is a signi­ficant number given that the popu­lation of this small district north of Munich is just over 3,000.

LOWA is part of the fabric of the local area, and the staff are keen to give something back to the community – espe­cially since nearly a quarter of them hail from the district. Many are active in local clubs and asso­ci­ations or volunteer as part of LOWA’s social initi­atives. For example, many employees are regular parti­cipants in the tree planting event held each year to help reforest the Bavarian mountain forests. Furthermore, LOWA provides a bus service for some of its members of staff who live further away: the buses bring them to and from work, replacing indi­vidual car journeys, and thus helping to cut carbon emissions.

LOWA as an employer

Footwear maker, warehouse specialist or procurement manager – the professions at LOWA are as varied as the people who work in them. And it is largely thanks to their skills, abilities and dedication that the company is so successful. For LOWA, employees are key to the company’s success, and also act as important ambas­sadors for the brand.

This is why LOWA strives to create the best possible work envir­onment and to provide not only inter­esting areas of work, but also a range of oppor­tunities for further training and profes­sional devel­opment. In addition, LOWA shows its appre­ciation of its staff by offering benefits such as allowances for food and transport, a company canteen and a company pension scheme. So it’s no wonder that many employees have been working at the Jetzendorf headquarters for a very long time – the average length of time that a staff member stays with the company is 13 years.

The company’s Code of Conduct also ensures good working conditions at production sites outside of Germany, including in Slovakia and Italy. The Code covers wages, working hours, holidays and working conditions among other things. To make sure that it is being complied with, the company carries out internal audits and, as of 2022, also commissions external audits. In addition, LOWA staff enjoy added benefits such as shift allowances, free buses and free company canteens, none of which are a given in the countries in question.

Age structure LOWA Jetzendorf

46 Years


Period of employment LOWA Jetzendorf

13.5 Years


Appren­ticeships at LOWA

As one of the region’s major employers, LOWA also offers an appren­ticeship programme. Appren­ticeships are currently available for the following career paths: industrial clerk, warehouse logistics specialist and shoe/bootmaker. A work-study programme in sports management is also available.


“During my appren­ticeship at LOWA, I gained an insight into the diverse departments of an outdoor company and thus a perfect foundation for my future career.”

Lena | LOWA Industrial management assistant

Social benefits

LOWA provides its employees with appro­priate, performance-based remu­neration, flexible working hours, capital-forming benefits and a pension plan. The company also provides meal and trans­portation allowances. Eight small buses transport employees to work and take them back home.

Furthermore, LOWA employees can take advantage of special rates at places such as the forest climbing park in Jetzendorf and the climbing gym in Pfaf­fenhofen.

Beyond this, the company supports working parents and helps staff to stay fit and healthy with initi­atives such as a weekly back training course. Staff safety is of course paramount at our sites, and the necessary measures are in place to ensure this. Finally, LOWA also offers mobile working and the JobRad scheme.

Diversity, equal oppor­tunities and espect

LOWA creates a family-like company atmo­sphere with flat hier­archies. Openness, fairness, tolerance and team spirit are values we hold dear and that we put into practice every day, both within the company and in our inter­actions with customers and business partners. It almost goes without saying that we treat all of our members of staff equally. As a company, we believe in diversity, equal oppor­tunity and respectful inter­action.

At LOWA, we do not tolerate any form of discrim­ination, exclusion or favouritism initiated on the basis of ethnic or national origin, gender, religion, ideology or political conviction, disability, illness, pregnancy, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, social origin, membership of an employee organ­isation or any other personal char­ac­teristic. In short, we have a zero tolerance policy on discrim­ination.

  • Number of employees (incl. temporary staff) as at 31 December 2021: 275 employees, of whom 127 were women (46.2%)

    Number of employees (incl. temporary staff) as at 31 December 2021: 275 employees, of whom 127 were women (46.2%)

  • Apprentices and trainees: 37.5% proportion of women

    Apprentices and trainees: 37.5% proportion of women

  • 57 employees with foreign nationality

    57 employees with foreign nationality

  • 14 employees with disabilities

    14 employees with disab­ilities

  • Mode of employment: 207 full time, 68 part time, 0 temporary helpers

    Mode of employment: 207 full time, 68 part time, 0 temporary helpers

(LOWA Jetzendorf, Stand Dezember 2021)

Point of contact for complaints and tip-offs

LOWA assumes that all its employees and business partners will act in an upright and correct manner. It practises a form of collab­oration that is based on trust and respect.

However, we realise that viol­ations of legal regu­lations and/or the guidelines contained in our Code of Conduct may still occa­sionally occur. For this reason, we encourage all employees and business partners to commu­nicate any concerns they may have,

  • where possible to their immediate supervisor, in order to remedy the situation.
  • For instances when this is not desired or possible, LOWA has introduced an anonymous point of contact for complaints and tip-offs. It can be reached at the following address:
  • csr_qr_whistle-report-link

Tel.: +49 800 3800 999

Tel.: +49 69 9999 8838